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Program Leadership


Marina Sandoval

Emerging Leaders Program Director

Liz Agboola

Program Chair

Liz Agboola is a Board Member at Valleywise Health Foundation, and the CEO of Moses Behavioral Care, a group of community-based mental health facilities offering 24-hour long term care for the SMI population. Prior to establishing MBC, she founded Senior Placement Services with her parents and siblings, it was here she began her work in public service.

For nearly 10 years she spearheaded community efforts ensuring suitable housing was available for the disenfranchised, homeless veterans and the elderly. Agboola’s career ultimately began two decades ago in the private sector in learning and development, she served in various senior leadership roles with Bank of America and Director of Learning and Development with Gannett.


Patti Gentry

Co Chair

For over 35 years, Patti Gentry has worked in the commercial real estate industry and is recognized as one of the premier brokers in the industry. She has utilized her expertise with a focus on an ever-changing healthcare environment. Patti was named Senior Vice President at JLL Phoenix Healthcare Solutions in September 2019. Before JLL, Gentry managed the Keyser Real Estate Healthcare Group starting in 2016. Gentry specialized in medical real estate, which afforded her the opportunity to assume leadership roles within the Phoenix medical community and with healthcare centric clients.

Sel Nutor

Program Advisor


Alicia Nuñez

Program Advisor


Charles Brown

Program Advisor


Reine Yazbeck Hamilton

Program Advisor


Paula Bommarito

Program Advisor

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